Sunday, November 16, 2014

Beachburg Sub Update: Nov. 16, 2014

As of today (Nov 16, 2014) the end of track on the Beachburg Sub is at a point nearly half way between Kerwin Road, and Constance Lake Road. This leaves approximately 6.3 miles of track yet to be removed before reaching Nepean Junction.

My journey over today revealed that the rail train had gone east. This was likely because it was full, and needed new, empty cars to load the remainder of the subdivision. That meant no pictures of the last train on the Beachburg for me. I did however come across the rail loading equipment that attaches to the rear of the train. It was sitting just east of the Kerwin Rd. crossing with no workers in sight.

I decided that since there wasn't much to see here, I would try and get a picture of the switch at Nepean Junction because it would likely soon be gone as well. To do this, I simply walked along the Trans-Canada Trail, also known as the Greenbelt Pathway, from Corkstown Road until I found a spot to get a shot. This was tricky because most of the area had a fence, and I did not want to trespass. Luckily there was a short break in the fence for a game trail, and I was able to get this shot without stepping on the railway property.

Here's a zoomed in shot.

That switch to the right of the junction name sign likely has its days numbered.

That was it for the day for me, and probably the only shot I will ever get of equipment on the Beachburg Sub.

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