Saturday, May 14, 2016

Soo Line Units

Over the last few months I have seen a number of Soo units rolling over the Weyburn Subdivision. So I thought I would share some pictures with you!

The first of the year came on March 11 and was Soo 6061 rolling north on train 499. 6061 is the last Soo painted SD60M on the CP roster, and I knew that this unit was coming (by checking Heritage Units), but I had to work when it would have been rolling through. Luckily for me though, they had work to do in Weyburn! As soon as I got off work they were heading north, so I raced ahead to get a few shots.

YouTube video

April 30th brought the next unit in the form of Soo 6053. This one I also knew was coming, but this time the source was the RailsAB Facebook group. Below we see 6053 trailing on train 292 near Ralph, SK.

Third, and last (so far) was Soo 6035 on May 12. This unit, I had no idea was coming but was very lucky to have been out fishing within sight of the Weyburn Sub. I spotted the white Soo paint and walked (okay, ran) to the car and chased them north of Weyburn to grab the quick shot below.

YouTube video

Hopefully they keep rolling. Always enjoy seeing them.