Thursday, November 13, 2014

The end is near for the Beachburg Subdivision

It appears as though the end is in sight for the Beachburg Sub. A CN rail train, and crew have been working their way east towards Nepean Junction over the last few weeks. Now, more than ever, it feels more like a reality.

As of today (November 13, 2014), work has reached Dunrobin, west of Ottawa. This leaves approximately 9 miles to where the line meets the Renfrew Sub at Nepean Junction.

The Beachburg once acted as CN's transcontinental route via the Ottawa Valley. Now all trains heading west must be routed to Toronto before they can continue the journey west.

Hoping that the work continues long enough that I can make it over to grab some pictures.

The former length of the Beachburg Sub marked in red

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