Sunday, July 24, 2016

Edmonton Bound

Well, I have moved again. This time to Edmonton, Alberta with my girlfriend's job.

We plan to be here for a number of years, so I will be basing the majority of my posts out of the city.

Just before we moved however, I did manage to get in one more day out trackside for another shortline profile. Look for that in the coming weeks!

As for now, here is a shot of IC 1003 acting as the tail DPU on an eastbound CN potash train near Spruce Grove, AB.

Note: The picture says U758, the correct train number is B758.


  1. I hope you enjoy Edmonton and we look forward to your new material from there!

    1. Thanks, Steve! I am sure we will enjoy it here!

  2. Looking forward to the new subject matter in Edmonton. I'll miss your prairie posts. Good luck!