Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Google Earth Railway Maps: Canadian Pacific

Over the last number of years I have been working on mapping out the different railways of Canada, and others that I have visited. I have done so using Google Earth.

Today, I am releasing the Canadian Pacific Railway Version of my work. I believe that I have completed the mapping of all of their subdivisions, although I have not done all of the Spurs that they own. Those will be added in time. For now, it is just the Subdivisions that I have focused on.

Screenshot of CP operations

You will likely require Google Earth to open the file. Once you have it open, right clicking on any of the lines and selecting properties will show you the subdivision name.

Also, if you are looking a certain subdivision, you can browse through the file on the left hand side of Google Earth until you find what you are looking for. Simply double click on the sub and Google Earth will zoom in on it for you.

If you have any corrections, or questions please let me know.

Once have CN complete, I will be doing another post for that file.

Also, please do not redistribute. If you wish to share, direct others to this link for download. Thank you

Download Link: